with Medical Industry Companies

MET Group has developed a program in which it has a professional in the company's own offices, through the "In Plant" system. It is an important tool that aims to optimize costs and times as well as to raise the level of services of the Companies that belong to the Medicine Industry

Met Group In Plant

"In Plant MET Group", is a successful, effective and proven system, in which our company assigns one or more professionals in the Company’s offices, which will work under our labor and economic responsibility in advising and organizing all Events and Congresses to be carried out, while supported by a large team of professionals at our headquarters.


  • Professional “In Plant” to perform daily tasks
  • Airline, land and hotel reservation system on line
  • Framing each event within the strict Compliance requirements
  • Implementation of a pre-established fee


You will obtain a significant reduction of costs, together with an exclusive service with personalized attention, specialized in Medical Congresses and Events

  • Speed up and professionalize the Medical Events and Congresses that the Laboratory carries out
  • Remove workload from attendees who carry out this work
  • Decrease workload to purchasing departmentOptimize costs and time for the decision making of the Medical Events and Congresses, since the MET Group person will participate in the meetings for the accomplishment of the Event or the Medical Congress, both National and International, thus allowing a greater understanding of the objectives of the Laboratory
  • Improving times. Having the necessary tools (booking software of flights and hotels), a significant decrease of times is achieved and strategies in each Medical Congress; as well as the online consultation, at the moment the internal provider requires it
  • Agility in troubleshooting and resolving possible doubts at the time